Snake in the Water

Using the fluid style of waving, in this tutorial Salah shows you how to create your own movement mimicking invertebrates and water.

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it's really help me to feel ... thanks guys

Said Shukhrat 11th Sep 2011

buen video pronto subire mi video aqui

Said cristian 26th Sep 2011

u should come to saudi arabia

Said aron kiros 27th Sep 2011

Wow, Roxy is simply amazing, totally mesmerizing!

Said CalebG 9th Oct 2011

what's the name of the song roxy dancing to?
also the name of the song salah dancing too

Said Moe 16th Oct 2011

thanks master

Said jomar 22nd Oct 2011

thanks master

Said jomar 22nd Oct 2011

I can find another video with roxy.. Shes great! Love her :D

Said Kalda 27th Oct 2011

This is awesome. imma be watching all tutorials :D

Said DIEGO 14th Nov 2011

Well. Now only practice

Said Evgenii 9th Dec 2011

plz salah i really want to talk to you personely bkz i really love the way u dance u are the best persenality ever ever u are the best dancer in the world

Said sif belkacem 14th Feb 2012

Thank.. this help me.. i hope you come to Jakarta, Indonesia

Said Agustino 10th Nov 2012

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