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Salah explores the rhythm of our breathing when we move our bodies in different ways, proving that you can always look for inspiration from within.!/files/images

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ooooo.....yoyoyo now this is what the world is waitin for....cant stop to see the. tutorials ...:D

Said aamer ishaq 1st Aug 2011

YEAH !! It's gonna be AWESOME !! I can't wait <3

Said Tota_2011 6th Aug 2011

Wow ! Young Popper From Dominican Rep. in New York waiting for the tutorials ! imma do my best ! thank u salah !

Said alanjSOKOOL 14th Aug 2011

salah is my dancehero , i cant wait to see all the tutorials

Said popping drago 15th Aug 2011

salah is my dancehero , i cant wait to see all the tutorials

Said popping drago 15th Aug 2011

Hey Salah you are my inspiration of dancing keep up the good work I like your tutorials it's gorgeous and you guys are amazing :D

Said engdmpart.88 17th Aug 2011

The best

Said Green teck 17th Aug 2011

lo mejor de lo mejor (Y)
saludos de Mexico ;)

Said tabo 26th Aug 2011

- Waited for this a long time. You're my favorite dancer Salah. The way you think is unique. You are a very consistent dancer.

ps. Show a Tutorial on how to do your famous courtwheel ;)

Said Dancetil imweak 29th Aug 2011

I never though of something like this. Good stuff =)

Said Anthony Flores 30th Aug 2011

Thank you for the turtorial salah! It helps me to be a better dancer:)

Said Kokcheung(kc) 30th Aug 2011

Thank you for the turtorial salah! It helps me to be a better dancer:)

Said Kokcheung(kc) 30th Aug 2011

Four score and seven minutes ago, I read a sweet atrcile. Lol thanks

Said Infinity 2nd Sep 2011

hei salah you are the best.I really like all your performances. you are number one of dancer popping.keep it up.

Said mRnice 4th Sep 2011

Salah Is My Favorite Dancer.

Said ToSsI 4th Sep 2011

*SALAH* you are the GOD of dancing and KING of are one of a kind in this whole are my BIGGEST are the GREATEST AND THE MOST CREATIVE DANCER IVE EVER SEEN..I jst love you and your style..i have a request can you make a tutorial on your famous fastforward/rewind tutting effect..?? i realy want to learn it badly since the day i saw it..thank u for guiding u..YOU ARE A LIVING LEGEND!<3

Said sameep 5th Sep 2011

amazing,talented, incredible dancer and person i ve ever met!!

Said alexandra 6th Sep 2011

ok I understand, I am waiting for the other videos before I do mine purely.thank you

Said Ali Aktas 14th Sep 2011

buen tutorial vivo en mexico y me gusta bailar popping pronto tendre un video para ustedes

Said cristian 26th Sep 2011

heyyyy en españa te seguimos,,,,participare solo para que salah sepa que en españa tambien hay buenos bailarines,,, gracias salah por ser cercano a tus seguidores y a la gente que quiere aprendrer, paz.

Said popping juanfran 27th Sep 2011

salah you are the best dancer ever

Said hamza 9th Oct 2011

Salah, eu peço que Deus te abençoe cada vez mais e te faça de incentivo para as novas gerações de dançarinos!
Belém-Pará -Brasil de saúda!!!

Said Mr Leo Dance 22nd Oct 2011

Great Job bro'

Said Kytao / French Cut 25th Oct 2011

ai salah vc è de mais eu queria te conhecer um dia falo te corto de montao firmeza `fe em deus

Said rogerio 5th Nov 2011

Me Gusta mucho el popping!! bueno este año recien me entere de esta disciplina y estado investigando todo acerca d esto y me encontre con un gran mentor llamado "SALAH" me inspiro mucho en lo que hago gracias a videos q e visto de este gran bailarin que demuestra que todo ser humano es capaz de encontrarse con su propio estilo; saludos a todos los que hacen esta pagina, desde "Ecuador la mitad del mundo".

Seria estupendo que SALAH enseñe muchos de sus movimientos muy extremos si se podria decir como al girar los brazos por toda la espalda si bien me explico, e aprendido su movimiento de inflar el abdomen si se podria decir asi, cuidense y exitos.

Nota: Subtitular los videos por favor al Español.

Said KinGabo 9th Nov 2011

I like the popping! good this year I found out recently this discipline d been researching all about this and I found a great mentor called "SALAH" I was very inspired by what I saw this video qe great dancer shows that every human being is able to meet their own style; greetings to all who made ​​this page, from "Ecuador half the world."

SALAH would be great to teach many of their movements very ends if they could tell how to turn your arms across the back while I explain, and learned his move to inflate the abdomen if you could say so, take care and success.

Note: the videos please Subtitling into Spanish.

Said kingabo 9th Nov 2011

Oh man ... ! so awesome thanks alot !
soon see me on tv ! :D

Said Simen 28th Nov 2011

i never thought of dancing ever unless i saw salah :)

Said Suraj 5th Dec 2011

Thanks Salah, your lessons are very useful. Especially for people, who dance recently.

Said Evgenii 9th Dec 2011

Slm alk Salah,je n'ai qu'un mot a dire c'est que vous avez beaucoup de talent et que vous le transmettez bien tbarkaAllah,je vous souhaite une bonne continuation.Je suis contente d'avoir enfin trouver un site officiel car pour vous trouver c'est pas évident.En espérant avoir une réponse favorable de votre part.En fait je suis de Belgique et j'organise une journée pour les jeunes et j'aurais aimé clôturé la journée par un de vos spectacles.Ce sera un honneur si vous acceptez inchaAllah. J’espère avoir une réponse de votre part slm alk

Said Chahira 18th Dec 2011

u r feb fentabullasssy

Said achak 20th Jan 2012

bueno soy una persona bien

Said moises 16th Apr 2012

exelentes indicaciones .......salah is the best master

Said anderson aguilar 19th Apr 2012

salah,you are amazing ,thank you so much

Said astro boy 28th Apr 2012


Said HICHEM 24th Jul 2012

Már jó régóta nézem a SALAH videókat. És már nagyon szeretném elsajátitani ezt a táncot. Van oktató videó?ha igen. nekem az kell.Amúgy a srác egyszerüen lenyűgöző.Csak igy tovább Salah.

Said Pali 4th Aug 2012

Welcome Salah My name is Salah also I started all know this dance since 3 months, but I'm not skilled like you, but I am proud that you Arabic optimal

Said salah mohamed 16th Nov 2012

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