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Tutorials / Competition

December 08, 2011

All five of Salah’s Breathe the Beat tutorials have now been released!

The Music of Life, Snake in the Water, Seeing is Believing, The Architect and Culture is Key are all available to view on our Tutorials page, and each of the the videos relates to different parts of Salah’s unique style.

Now that all the videos are online, make sure you enter our exciting competition for a chance to meet Salah and watch him perform. People can enter as many videos as they want, though only one will be considered for the shortlist (from which we will pick the eventual winner). Some people have entered videos inspired by just one of the tutorials, whilst others have entered routines that take elements from two or three videos. One person is even planning to enter five videos, each based on an individual tutorials.

We don’t mind what you do, but make sure you enter soon. Though the deadline is not until February 29 2012, the sooner you enter, the more votes you will be able to get online!

Remember, once you’ve entered the competition, make sure that you spread the word, and encourage your friends and fans to come and watch your videos – the more popular your video is, the more likely you are to make the shortlist!

Get in touch if you have any questions about the Breathe the Beat competition…