Yassine Freesytling for breathe the beat

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I was intoduced to salah while surfing youtube looking for some inspiration to further develop my dancing. I have been dancing for approximately 3 years now in my high school and haven’t really been exposed to much styles other than the styles that my three other friends use. they specialize in krumping, break dancing and popping. i usually take inspiration from them and learn as much as i can from each one of them but i never really found a style that i took a unique liking too. so when ever we have sessions i usually shift from one style to the other. One day i stumbled upon a video of salah battle some one and it caught my eye. naturally from there i began to research and that lead me to watch many other video of Salah on you tube. I than went on Google to find some more inspiration which lead me to the breathe the beat website.

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