Nathaniel freestyling for breathe the beat

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i’m Nathaniel Mitchell, I’ve been dancing for about 2 years in total so i am relatively new to the dance world. I heard about Salah from a friend whom introduced me to both the competition and the 5 tutorials which this competition is based upon. I took the majority of my information from three videos,Tutorial #1 The Music of Life, Tutorial #2 Snake in the water and Tutorial #5 Culture is Key.

From the first tutorial i began to develop my musicality, finding beats within fast paced music that allowed me to keep my usual slow style and still follow the music where others rush to hit everything. I believe my ear for music is getting better and i am beginning to use parts of the beats for effects and additives giving new life, pace and movement while i ride the rhythm, much like flip and tricks to a snowboarder. The beat is not going anywhere so by selectively choosing to follow the lyrics, bass, claps, snaps or the rhythm i find i am able to create a unique pace to any song.

My Style has always been a bit of a smooth and liquid style, but after watching the second tutorial i realized there is a lot more to waving than the arm and the body wave. It’s not just a cool looking movement there’s a feel and set of images that go along with it. I never thought about how my waving could be improved with things like, well a snake, i always thought of it as simple waving, a dance and nothing more. I am currently working on my old variation with this new method and hope to produce a spectacular product.

I figure i am who i am, and it is true, my culture is essential to who i am and how i move. Instead of forcing myself to move quickly much like i have been for most of my dancing life, being in a group i tended to follow the crowd and match their pace but that isn’t me. I’m that guy who loves to take his time even if i’m late, play things off with a silver tongue and knows good things come to those who wait. I feel the rhythm, and ride it with my waving style. I hope one day i’ll be able to truly breathe the beat.

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