Motion of music

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Name: B (seriously, that’s my first name) I go by my middle name “Max” though.

I’ve been dancing for a short time and I originally had seen Salah perform on youtube. I recently watched his tutorials and took to heart “music of life” and “Snake in the Water.” I feel like not all music can be danced to because music needs to have a flow to it, and it needs to click with the individual. “Music of life” inspired me to really find my own unique flow or at least the start of it and “Snake in the Water” was applied in the video as the main technique. I tried to capture the constant smooth movement of it and apply it to my dance. I hope I succeeded. My dancing is something that I’m always trying to improve on when I get the time between training horses. And I don’t know the name of the song I’m am dancing to. I found it on youtube as well, and I liked the beat with the instrumental flow to it.

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