Melo - Back 2 Basic's - Freestyle.MP4

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My name is Anthony Tholberg. Salah has inspired my world of dance since I first saw him in the Juste Debout 2001 and 2003 trailer videos in 2005 (I was a little behind on the big events as you can tell). Ever since I saw him in just a few short clips I knew I just saw an amazing amount of skill within one person and knew that I had a new standard to base myself on. I admire Salah’s versatility the most and that’s something I try to create in my style. I can’t say one tutorial in particular inspired the video as it’s Salah’s ability to perform many styles that I admire most. I’ve never made my own choreography and the same goes for this video. I just played the song once, put it on the stereo and setup the camera and made the video the 2nd time round. I ended up doing one straight freestyle for each song so if you see the others you’ll notice their back to back. Hope you enjoy. This song is Melo – Back 2 Basics.

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