How to Take Part

Please read the following instructions before submitting your entry.

Watch Salah’s tutorial(s)

Watch Salah’s tutorials and learn how he takes his inspiration from the world around him. Take what you’ve learned from Breathe the Beat, and combine it with your own style.

Create a Routine

Create your own 1-minute routine based on Salah’s PABE style, using things you’ve learned from his tutorials. Remember, we’ll be selecting the winner based on creativity, originality and quality of performance. The routine must be no longer than 60 seconds long, otherwise we will not accept your entry.

Choose a Backing Track

Download one of the tracks for your backing music, or choose your own song to perform to. Please note, whilst submissions with any music soundtrack will be accepted, only videos using one of the five downloadable tracks can be guaranteed entry into the competition. Please consult YouTube’s Terms of Service, in particular their music guidelines, before you enter, as Breathe the Beat cannot accept responsibility if your video is removed from YouTube.

  1. DJ Renegade – India
  2. DJ Renegade – Orientale
  3. DJ Melo – Back 2 Basics
  4. DJ Melo – Deep Edge
  5. DJ Melo – Zapper
Film Your Routine

Ask a friend to film you performing your routine. You need to have your whole body in the shot so we can see all your moves! Remember, submissions over 1 minute long will not be accepted into the competition.

Try and record the best quality video possible. We aren’t expecting professionally edited films, but the better the video, the more easily you can show off your routine! The perfect video will be filmed on a tripod, in widescreen and HD. If you can dub in the music afterwards, that’s great, but otherwise make sure your camera isn’t too close to the music source to ensure that the sound doesn’t distort. Try and make sure you have lots of space, and a neutral background behind you. Please don’t introduce your videos – it’s fine for the video to begin with the start of your routine. Any information can be included in the video description.

Upload your video to YouTube

For help with how to do this see view the helpful video.

Make sure you include the information below in the description of your video, otherwise it will not be accepted.

  • Your name (or the name of your group)
  • How Salah’s tutorials have influenced the creation of your routine
  • What song you have used
  • Tag the video with “breathethebeatcompetition”

We’ll re-use the username, video title and video description of your YouTube video, so make sure you add the relevant information to your YouTube upload. Your video will then be moderated and once it’s been approved it will appear in the entries list.

Enter the competition

Please read our Terms & Conditions before you enter.
Please note, we are only able to accept video submissions and descriptions in English.