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Music : “Zapper” by Dj Melo

My name is Ingrid GOUGEON (or In’) and I come to France. I’m sorry my english is not very perfect.To create my video, I was inspired of tutorials “Seeing is believing” and “Snake in the water“ but PABE too.

Early in my choreography, I wanted to express the influence of the beat on me but then I finally get it and so the beat is an integral part of me, I control it. The popping is the feeling that beat is inside of me. At the end of my choreography, I did some breakdance moves to show that the beat can also take us to the ground.

To conclude this presentation I would like to add a little phrase for you, Salah. I find your admirable career, you are an example for all the dancers. And even if I did not win this competition, I look forward to meeting you one day. It would be an honor.

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