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My first Entry into the Breathe The Beat competition.


ve learned so much from salah in such a short amount of time and the best part is, ive only learned a few steps here and there, and the rest is freestyle. I started Dancing 6 months ago and i started out shuffling, but one night at a club i saw a guy performing a dance he called “Popping”. Ever since that day 2 months ago i have re-evaluated my efforts of shuffling and now i am interested in ALL dancing. Salah was the most impressive popper ive ever seen on youtube, and the best part is that he isnt only a popper. I was instantly Mesmerized by his dancing and showmanship. Salah inspires so much more than just the side of me that likes dance and to show off. This is a new way to live for me and its been doing amazing things for my confidence, for my health, and for my mind. Thank you Salah, you are a true artist at dance and in life.

I Use all 4 of the tutorials so far to make these dances. I learned the basics of the architect, snake in the water, music of life, and seeing is believing to make something much more awe inspiring out of my current style. Thank you Again Salah, your words hit me harder than anyone else’s have ever affected me.

LAST THING, i put a bit too much up, but if it was to be considered then i would probably put :05 – 1:05 up for entry.

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