Breathe The Beat (Melo - Back to Basics)

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Breathe The Beat

This is a video entry for breathe the beat.

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Salah has provided me with so much inspiration in the past 5 months and his style is still surprising me every day. I wish to be able to dance with him one day, or at least shake his hand for all he has taught me. I use all the tutorials in my dances, and I will keep practicing and evolving my style for a long time. But for now, please see what 5 months of practice with these tutorials can do! Good luck to everyone and Keep Dancing!

I do not own the rights to this song!

This might be my last post… i wasnt planning on stopping with this one, but it seems Ive miscalculated my Apartment Complex’s willingness to house me haha. they have been great but ive been in a bit of a bind, and honestly its a good thing, because now i can actually focus on moving forward with my future in dance. Which i decided that i would do after i first started dancing this style.

Thank you Salah, whether or not i ever meet you i want to thank you for showing me a new way to view life.

Hopefully i can film the entry i wanted for my final video, but im not sure how long i will be without a computer, or a computer with an editor. Thank you for this chance to participate and I wish the best for every one of the talented dancers ive seen on this site! Hope to see you on the dance floor in the future! ;)

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