Breathe The Beat - Chemical Brothers (Morning Lemon)

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I like this song, its a fun beat.

My Name is Paul McCaskill and I have been dancing for a year now every day and i love it more than any other physical activity that i have come across in my life. Salah Has Taught me many things about confidence, body control and mental control. I dont have a description for each of my moves because i thought the whole point of dancing was to translate without using words…but i will say that my inspirations are:

Rotation and Gravitation in a Cosmic sense: Stars, Planets and Waving Nebulas provide me with a Real mental picture of what it means to understand the staging of empty space and how things move through the world.

Frictionless movement: For gliding and seemless Floating

Angles and Structures: you can use to build your way up or down or side to side.

Emotional bleed: Your Face should show the crowd the emotion of your move.

Particle and Quantum Physics: For Glitching Movement and ticking. disappearing from one space and appearing in another. or expanding and contracting like a pop.

I love how ive been able to use these Experiences and turn them into my motivation and i encourage anyone else to find their muse.

Good Luck to Everyone! Peace!

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