Animated J :"breathethebeatcompetition"

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My name is James Jimenez, my nick name is Animated J. I used the song DJ Renegade — Orientale. I used salah’s tutorial #2 Snake in the Water and tutorial #3 Seeing is Believing. Salah was one of the main people that inspired me to dance. He did not just dance, he performed, he was an artist. From his facial expressions all the way to his popping foundation, he was one of a kind. This video shows viewers how salah’s creative waves inspired me to create my own waves. Salah has also said how he uses objects such as hats or different props to make the dance even more fasinating. His tutorial seeing is believing helped me take my miming and animation to another level, teaching me its not only about the movement, but telling a story.With seeing is believing,i wanted to make illusions. I also focused more on my animation; looking like a cartoon or doll as i move from hard to smooth. So with snake in the water, and seeing is believing, i introduce my video.

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