The Breathe the Beat Competition is now closed.

Thank you to everyone who entered, the shortlisted entries, and the winner, AnimatedJ (aka James Jimenez), who has won the opportunity to meet Salah and watch him perform!

Competition entrants were asked to create a one-minute video of themeselves performing a routine inspired by Breathe the Beat, for the chance to win some amazing prizes, including the opportunity to meet Salah and see him perform live!

The routine could be any style of dance, but entrants must have shown that they learned from Salah’s tutorials, and incorporated elements from Breathe the Beat.

As part of the application form there was space to explain what has inspired the moves (i.e. mime and sound like in Tutorial #1: Music of Life.) Any genre of dance was welcome; watch Tutorial #2: Snake in the Water) and see how Roxy incorporated elements of waving into her more usual breaking style.

The competition deadline was the end of February 29 2012. Taking elements from all five tutorials in a minute might have been difficult, so concentrating on a single element was encouraged.

The competition was open to everybody, regardless of age or ability. The entries are being judged on a range of factors, including popularity and quality, but, importantly, they will also be judged on how well you use elements from the tutorials. A complete beginner who can show they’ve taken inspiration from Salah’s tutorials will beat a professional who hasn’t watched the videos and just records some great moves! So it was important to remember to include an explanation of your performance in the description of the video.

The Entries

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