The Artists

Brooke and Roxy will perform as part of Breathe the Beat roadshows.


Brooke is, without doubt, one of the most versatile male dancers in the UK.

His specialist dance style is locking but he is highly talented in numerous dance styles from contemporary to tap to hip hop, both in freestyle and choreography.

A former international level trampolinist, Brooke has very strong acrobatic ability and uses this within his dance to maximum effect.

Brookee is choreographer and lead dancer of PLAGUE dance company and a key member of the FUNKSTYLERZ.


Hip Hop International 2005, Los Angeles – World Champion (Plague)
Beijing Olympics Closing Ceremony – Dancer
Streetdance 3D Movie – Principal Dancer
San Francisco Hip Hop Fest 2008 & 2009
Juste Debout UK Popping Champion 2011


Roxy is fast becoming one of the top b-girls on the planet. Roxy has already established herself as a major force in breaking worldwide having competed in Europe and Asia recently as a solo b-girl and with her crew, Soul Mavericks.

Known for her incredible freezes and flexibility, Roxy is an amazing show performer whose array of awe inspiring moves never fail to amaze her audience. She also holds the female World Record for the Most Headspins in One Minute.

A former World Trampolining Champion, she has now represented the UK at the B-Boy Championships World Finals and has also gained some valuable experience as a professional dancer having travelled out to perform at the closing ceremony for the Beijing Olympics 2008.

Roxy is also a key member of ProDance groups FUNKSTYLERZ & PLAGUE and features in the ‘Art of Storytelling’ viral video.


3vs3 World B-Girl Champion
Beijing Olympics ’08 Closing Ceremony
Guinness World Record – Most Headspins in one minute (female) – 71
RWD Mag Front Cover
BBC3 Ballet Boyz ‘Rite of Spring’

Other Artists

Several other leading dancers have joined us for Breathe the Beat Roadshows, including Mouse, Steady and Marvel.