With over 8 years experience delivering and creating music and visual art projects. Moyma has a reputation for high quality work. He has developed projects for a range of levels and age groups, and he has brought his skills to compliment bigger city wide programmes.

He has worked within schools, referral units and prisons delivering the DJ BTEC, Bronze Arts Award, mentoring programmes, skills for employability/careers as well as issue based projects. The projects are a hands on, interactive experience where participants learn technical skills, soft skills and work to a final outcome.

Moyma is a developing artist who has won a BBC New Talent Award and has trained in Los Angeles twice to trained with Dj Dstyles. His performance experience has included DJing in China (selected to represent the UK at the international Impulse DJ Conference), Sweden (Tune in Festival), France (Quiksilver Surf Comp), Holland (Black Soil Festival), London (Cargo), Los Angeles (Low End Theory), San Franciso (The Madrone) and Tokyo (Ruby Room). Notable amongst these have been collaborations with Charlie Dark (Attica Blues), DJ Wordy (Chinese DMC Champion 2006/2007) and the internationally acclaimed DJ D-Styles.

As a DJ he has also created music and performed on the turntables for two dance-theatre productions. He just embarked on project called ‘The Scratch Pilgrimage’ involving trips to different parts of the USA connecting and DJing with Dstyles (L.A), Mr Henshaw (San Diego) and continued this tour in Japan, Tokyo. He is currently touring with the UK’s leading MC Juice Aleem (Big Dada Recordings).

Moyma DJed at Put Your Foot Down with Salah as part of IDFB 2010. He will also be DJing at the Breathe the Beat roadshows in 2012 and you can visit his website here.