Antoine Schirer


Antoine Schirer is a director and motion designer, now based in Stockholm (Sweden). Originally from Paris, he has worked for advertising agencies such as Euro RSCG, Havas Production, CBS, Lagardère, and for clients including Red Bull France, Casino, Dior, Citroen, Lacoste, Sodexo, France 4, M6 and Cool Cat Clothing.

He is also very involved in the hip-hop dance scene. A dancer himself for 10 years, he has been directing documentaries and videos for some of the biggest hip-hop dance festivals in the world, such as The Notorious IBE (NL), R16 Korea (KR), All In (AUS), Juste Debout (FR) and Battle Of The Year (GE).

He produced all the tutorials, and edited a variety of behind the scenes material.

You can visit his website here.